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Better Long-Term Transplant Outcomes with the National Kidney Registry

The National Kidney Registry is finding better matches with better five year outcomes for kidney recipients with the largest pool of living donors across 85 transplant centers in the United States. More donors to choose from = better matches = better outcomes.

Better Patient Outcomes

  • Large Donor Pool = Better Matches
  • Better Matched Kidneys Last Longer
  • Kidneys Last Longer = Patients Live Longer
I am in need
of a kidney transplant

Donor Protections

  • Prioritization for Living Donor Kidney
  • Disability & Life Insurance Provided
  • And more...
I am considering
donating my kidney

Voucher Program

  • Donate Before You Are Too Old
  • Help Someone Who Is Not Yet In Need
  • And Help Others Currently In Need
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the Voucher Program